San Jose Mercury / The guitar is dead? Don’t tell these Bay Area jazz cats

By Andrew Gilbert

“...Rick Vandivier has been a steady force as a player and a teacher, and he’s never sounded better than on his new album “Under One Roof” (Avatar Productions)...the album focuses on his melodically inventive original compositions.”

Midwest Records / "Vandivier - Under One Roof"

By Chris Specter

“’s a long time acoustic/jazz guitarist that knows what it is to have just the right touch.  No matter what tangent he leads you down, it all comes out right in the end. A really tasty set…”


Jazz Quad / "Vandivier - Under One Roof"

By Leonid Auskern (Russia)

(Translated from original Russian) “He (Vandivier) plays very naturally, without pretentiousness and affectation, but extremely sincerely. It seems to me that his guitar is pleasant to listen to any person, regardless of his adherence to this or that jazz style or jazz in general. ...the tougher and rhythmic “And So I Said”, where Rick, whose guitar reigns unchallenged in this album, gave the opportunity to play a great solo...I can recommend to almost any fan of music”

Jazz Weekly / Review: "Vandivier - Under One Roof"

By George W. Harris

“Guitarist Rick Vandivier is...intimate and flows gently on “New Man” while doing some nice interplay with Robbins on “Night Walker”...Most clever is a hip and mellow read of the Beatles “Come Together”, while Vandivier is deft and sly on “You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To. Mellow madness”


Jazz Podium / Review of “Under One Roof”

By Alexander Schmitz (Germany)

(Translated from original German) “...guitarist Rick Vandivier, who's the living soul legend and feels more in the heart and fingers than dozens of other string VIPs together...What he writes and plays in this trio draws its strength from the intensity of the very personal: intimacy, warmth, security and gratitude. A wonderful album.”

Book: The Great Jazz Guitarist Ultimate Guide by Scott Yanow

Backbeat Books 2013. Rick is profiled in the chapter “Jazz Guitarists on the Scene Today”.


Professor Vandivier will rock the house! ....He’s raising the bar with his marvelous album, simply titled “Vandivier.” It blends fresh and fascinating takes on such classics as “Norwegian Wood” and “Little Wing” with his gorgeous original compositions.”
— Paul Freeman for the Daily News

He has a knack for creating full textures. Watching him play duets with Nate Pruitt widened my vision of what you can do on the guitar.”
— Neil Kelly

THE BEST TEACHERS don’t seek to produce a battalion of mini-me’s who parrot their own ideas back to them. Rather, inspiring educators facilitate independent thinking, allowing students to better follow their own paths. Judging by the two prodigious players who join Rick Vandivier at the Guitar Fest 2011 concert at Redwood City’s Club Fox on April 28, he’s a mentor of the highest order.
A mainstay on the Bay Area jazz scene for more than three decades, the Palo Alto-based guitarist is best known for his long-running partnership with supremely soulful vocalist Nate Pruitt in the ensemble Primary Colors. But Vandivier is also a dedicated teacher who’s played a key role in maintaining the sterling reputation of San Jose State University’s jazz program.”
— Andrew Gilbert for Metro Active