The VANDIVIER CD is a compilation of pieces that defines Rick’s ongoing journey of weaving together Jazz, Blues and other colorful crossovers.  Samples and more are available at

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      Rick Vandivier is a guitarist who has found inspiration in influences that stretch from Andres Segovia to Pat Metheny to Jimi Hendrix. His performances are daring, soulful, and evocative. In a recent concert review, Jean Bartlett (Pacifica Tribune) wrote: "The amazing guitar licks provided by Vandivier cultivated a whole new threshold of wow… Vandivier opened the show with a piece which galloped the triumphant poetry of Madrid while caressing the edges of Segovia, Feliciano and Montoya. Extraordinary musicianship with plenty of sweets…"  

    Rick has been performing and recording in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1979. In addition to his extensive work with vocalist Nate Pruitt in Primary Colors, Rick has been active in numerous other projects as a guitarist and composer, including leading his own ensemble, Vandivier, which has recently attracted a new level of attention and popularity.



    I continue to be grateful and amazed that I get to spend the day doing music.  And while it is a demanding undertaking in many ways, you will not see Mike Rowe do a “Dirty Jobs” episode on being a guitarist.  Suze Orman might like to get her hands on us though.  I’m also thankful for the incredible people I get to play with, and perform for.  I’ve got it good, and that ain’t bad.  We all thrive because of the very rich Bay Area community of musicians and music lovers.

    Even so, so much goes into each performance, that even solo gigs are a group effort.  Music is our raison d'etre, and you the listeners are essential catalysts of the process.  Our part includes composing, booking, recording, advertising, emailing, arranging, programming, websiting, (is that a word?)Facebooking, practicing, the caring and feeding of the instruments, and handling the ton of emails and phone calls that happen behind the scenes so that we can get to the gig and perform.  We love the whole process, and as a team, thank you for making it all worthwhile. 

    Our expectations have been surpassed so far this year with wonderful new fans and enriching new projects; thank you all for inspiring us to new heights!

Rick 06/10/11